Risk Assessment in Installation of Solar Power Plants


  • Syed Jawad ul Hassan Electrical maintenance dept., Millennium Cable Industry Pvt Ltd.




Photo Voltaic (PV), Risk Management (RM), Mono Crystal (MC), Poly Crystal (PC), Feed-in Tariff (FIT), Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Project finance (PF), Renewable Energy (RE), Renewable Energy Sources (RESs), Decision Maker (DM)


Nowadays although photovoltaics (PVs) has been a major energy source, there are few publications that focus on the risks regarding the installation of Commercial Solar Power plant. There is no solution which can identify that later on what sort of risk or what sort of problem may occur after and during the installation of a renewable grid. After which we can provide the solution of Risk mitigation/reduction to identify future risks that may occur after and during the installation of a renewable grid. The above discussion is based on risk software using Monte-Carlo simulation and Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) Technique. Monte-Carlo simulation is used for finding the risk and the AHP Technique use in design making process. We made such a solution that will target the three different locations in three different weather The work is performed to manage the risk that may occur in the installation and after the installation of renewable grids. This research is crucial, especially when you consider how many new installations there will be because of the favorable Pakistani Policy. Additionally, there is little information available about accidents connected to the installation of PV Photo Voltaic (PV) plant. Consequently, it is challenging to develop a safety policy roadmap for PV installation. projects. This work has act as guidance towards future projects with similar conditions. At the end we have provide proper risk avoidance mechanism and report.